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Why does sponsorship matter? Read more to learn about our club's needs.


While Southern Minnesota Skating Club aims to ensure opportunities for all types of ice skaters, our sponsorship levels have been designed to offer a closer look into the world of ice skating. Both sport and performance art, skating is sometimes considered elite as there can be high costs associated with the activity. At SMSC, our goal is that with the help of our area communities, we can provide possibilities to anyone with an interest.


Each sponsorship level highlights an area of club management that is pivotal to the journey of a skater. While all donations are put into a general fund to be used for areas of immediate need, we hope this gives you an idea of the needs and how valued your sponsorship would be to our club. If you happen to feel drawn to a particular expense listed, please reach out;

we’re happy to discuss this further.



To maintain the club, essential administrative costs are inevitable. In addition to legal fees and insurance costs, we also pay for expenses related to website maintenance, marketing, tools and materials for classes and programs, as well as first aid supplies and required safety compliance.


An important piece of our mission as a club is to ensure opportunity to all types of skaters. Sometimes skating can feel cost prohibitive. One of our long-term goals is to acquire enough funding in order to keep membership fees and session costs low, and provide individual scholarships so that any person can explore skating and see where the experience may take them. 

INSPIRE, $500+

Can you think of a coach, a teacher, or a mentor who inspired you and took that extra step to ensure your success? We want our skaters to experience that, too. A good coach is encouraging, competent, knowledgeable, and able to provide excellent training. To attract and retain these types of coaches, we would like to be able to cover various expenses such as required United States Figure Skating membership fees, background checks, and various certifications.

PURSUIT, $1000+

We want our skaters to be able to dream big and pursue any goal they’ve set for themselves. As skaters progress, they may choose to be tested in their skills in order to advance to a higher level. They can also participate in competitions with skaters at their skill level. These tests and competitions are evaluated by USFS judges, who may be flown in from out of town, even out of state to provide their expertise and insight. SMSC also strives to provide additional opportunities, such as instructional clinicals taught by guest coaches. Sponsorship helps to alleviate the financial burden and allow skaters’ space to pursue further learning with SMSC.

ZAMBONI, $2500+

Did a certain song just pop into your mind when you read that word? It’s more than a little mesmerizing to watch the Zamboni driver do their job, and let’s be real: They are the unsung heroes of the rink, because skaters can’t skate without great ice. But let’s talk about that ice for just a second. It’s expensive! One hour of ice time equates to around $200. In order to provide our skaters with as many chances to step out onto that beautifully resurfaced sheet of ice, we hope donations received can help offset those costs.

SHOWCASE, $5000+

After hours of hard work and dedication, an exciting time for skaters is being able to showcase their skills and display their artistry. We are thrilled to explore opportunities that are filled with great music, amazing choreography, and wonderful moments that will become cherished memories for our skaters and the community. The main cost of holding events will be ice time for not just the performances, but also the rehearsals. Coaches will be paid for their time, and there will be expenses related to décor and costumes.

Additional details and sponsorship incentives here: Community Sponsorship Letter

We are so grateful for your consideration and support! 
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Checks may also be mailed to: Southern Minnesota Skating Club, c/o Brett Petersen (Lund Arena)

800 W. College Ave. St. Peter, MN 56082

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